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Self-defence course for women and girls

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Given the success of the previous meetings, the collaboration with the Jungle youth centre continues by extending the proposal within the "FEMME COURAGE" project.

Through the experimentation of non-violent verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, created by the statuesque psychologist M. Rosenberg based on empathy, participants are helped to reflect on their own ways of communicating, to better manage their emotions and reactions, to avoid frequent mutual misunderstandings and to develop a deep respect for others. Above all, anger management and control are a cornerstone for peaceful conflict resolution.

The aim of the meeting is that by practising in a protected space, participants will be able to internalise the techniques, learning to suspend all judgement towards the people they communicate with. The exercise of reflection and research on how to resolve conflict situations that are proposed by the speaker help them to know themselves and find effective communication strategies.


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