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Our Values

At our core, we are part of a global network of over 3,000 clubs. This organizational structure ensures effective communication at national and international level and allows us to meet our social and cultural commitments. Our shared commitment to providing aid, education and fostering global cooperation requires a well-structured framework. As a guiding principle, we rotate our official roles every two years.

In our SI Club we are a tight-knit community of almost 30 women, each of whom brings a diverse range of professions, interests and experiences. This rich spectrum of expertise and perspectives allows for a high level of information sharing, insight and a lively exchange of ideas. Additionally, our ability to communicate and collaborate on a global scale is enhanced by the fact that all of our members are bilingual or multilingual, making interaction more personal and smoother.


Elected Board

For the mandate from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2024

Past President

Irene Longobardi


Rosanna Pruccoli

Elisabeth Mairhofer

Vice Delegates

Magdalena Ladurner

Dagma Pedri


Johanna Herbst

Vice President

Sabine Voppichler


Luisa Job

Elisabeth Berger

Maria Teresa Cadorin

Carla Zanfrà


Elian Reinstadler


Irene Longobardi

Contact Member

Johanna Herbst

Partner Club

Friendship bond with the partner club since 3 September 2008.

​ SI – Club Berlin Dorotheenstadt

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