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Restauration in Memory of Monika Gamper

Updated: Mar 24

7.03.2024 10:30 a.m. Palais Mamming Museum

The extremely talented and completely forgotten painter was called Maria Freudenfells married to Radio von Radiis (1877 - 1941). She lived in Merano, approached art at a time when art academies were closed to women, but she did not give up and painted all her life and exhibited several times in Merano and Munich. She can be ascribed to the Post-Impressionist group of the Munich school.

The exhibition, of which our member Rosanna Pruccoli is curator together with her colleague Eva Gratl, will open on 8 March 2024, and deals with the biographical and pictorial history of 12 women artists who lived in Merano and who, despite the obstacles placed in the way of women in this area, stubbornly succeeded in pursuing their art and, in some cases, even making a name for themselves. However, many of these women artists have fallen into oblivion and it has been particularly difficult to reconstruct their biographies and to find some of their paintings to exhibit. The historical period traced in fact goes from the second half of the 19th century to the second half of the 20th century, and the exhibition explains how the former artists were forbidden to attend art academies and the latter were instead allowed to attend them and assert their presence more forcefully on the art scene. The exhibition is divided into sections to better delineate the specificities of the different artistic biographies.

The idea of proposing the cost of the restoration to our Club and dedicating it to the memory of Monika Gamper arose from the fact that Monika in Certosa (Val Senales) curated a summer exhibition and this commitment brought her closer to local artists. This intervention could be a first step towards remembering her publicly.

The restoration was carried out at the end of 2023 and there are two paintings: 'Young man with parasol' and 'Lake Garda beach'.


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