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Orange the World A shelf all to itself.

Saturday 25 November 2023 11:30 am

Merano Municipal Library

This year's choice is the activation of the "A WOMAN FOR HERSELF" project, which foresees the creation of a highly visible shelf in the Municipal Library of Merano, dedicated to the world of women and containing a collection of books dedicated to the knowledge and dissemination of the culture of gender equality and women's issues in particular.

The aim is also to contribute to cultural and social change and the spread of a culture of gender equality through better knowledge.

The opening will take place on Saturday, 25 November at 11.30 am.

At 12 noon, all those present are invited to observe a two-minute silence.

The "Südtirol hält inne" initiative, which is promoted by Ulrike Oberhammer, President of the Provincial Commission for Women's Equality, wants to send a strong signal against violence by setting a "collective moment of interruption of activities as a sign of protest and reflection".


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