Soroptimist International italienische Union Club Merania
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Our SI – Club Merania is, just as the more than 3,000 clubs worldwide, organized in such a way as to guarantee communication on a national and international level and our social and cultural commitment. As a matter of fact, the willingness to offer help and assistance, education and a personal cooperation, also on a global level, requires a certain degree of organization. The official functions rotate every two years on principle..

Our SI – Club consists of nearly 30 women with a wide range of professions as well as manifold interests and experiences. The wide variety of professions and the plurality of opinions lead to a high degree of information, insight and interchange of ideas. Moreover, the communication and cooperation on a global level are made easier and more personal by the fact that all our members are bi- or multilingual.

Partner clubs:
Since 3rd September 2008:    Friendship-link with the partner club SI – Club Berlin Dorotheenstadt

For the term of office from 1st October 2018 to 30th September 2020 the board was elected as follows:

President Irene Longobardi

Past President

Maria Rita Chiaramonte

Vice-President Elisabeth Mairhofer

Elisa Morra
Dagmar Pedri
Rosanna Pruccoli
Elian Reinstadler

Secretary Elian Reinstadler
Treasurer Carla Zanfrà



Contact Member

Loretta Cadore
Rita Beraldin
Maria Rita Chiaramonte
Edith Rainer

Monika Gamper

Incoming President