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Duck race

Updated: May 30

Saturday 07.09.2024 11:00 a.m. Postbridge

Dear duck lovers, the time has finally come: the duck race is back live in Merano/Meran and colours the waters of the Passer river with solidarity. After the last edition in 2022 and so many months with the ducks on dry land, it's time to spruce them up and put them back in the water!

With the 6th Duck Race, service clubs from all over South Tyrol have joined forces to achieve two of their primary goals: to do good and to give a smile.

Your participation and your donations will make a valuable contribution to support important associations and charitable initiatives in South Tyrol. This year, a large part of the proceeds will go to the Vinzenzgemeinschaft-South Tyrol Vincentian Community.


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